Rosing Around on the Web

by Carolyn Grayson

The World Wide Web has become a wonderful source of information and resources for all kinds of topics and roses are no exception. For those of you who are web-surfers, there are a host of sites that can provide

·       Information about growing roses, from recommendations from other gardeners for those that grow well in shade, to help from the consulting rosarians at the ARS

·       Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about roses where you may find just the answer to your puzzling question

·       Sources for mail-order roses and sites that will help you find that rose you've been longing for.

Here, for you to benefit from my four hours of searching the web (thank goodness for the flat rate plan), are some sites I've found that might be of interest. This is by no means a complete and exhaustive list (I became exhausted before my list did).

A good place to start is the website of the ARS at The site navigation is a little obtuse; select from the purple menu bar at the top of the page.

  • Photos of Rose of the Month (and preceding months),
  • Ask the Experts lets you ask consulting rosarians your question if the answer is not among the topics listed,
  • The Merchandise Mart offers books and videos, and
  • Where to Buy Roses lists 67 websites, including Jackson & Perkins, Weeks, Star Roses, Vintage Roses, Edmunds, and many nurseries' sites. You can visit these other sites by clicking on their underlined names.

Two general sites are:

  • Despite the fact this site lists Chrysler Imperial and a few others as "Antique Roses" they offer a good selection of old roses, with good photos that don't take forever to load, and fair descriptions of the roses. Also offers rose books.
  • This site even hosts a garden exchange where visitors can post their requests for seeds or plants that they would like to exchange with others. At the bottom of their home page, there is The Rosarian, their Rose Forum, with articles, answers to FAQ, and some photos. (You may go directly to The Rosarian, if you like, at

If you're looking to exchange information with other rose enthusiasts, who may perhaps answer your questions, or perhaps you can answer theirs, visit The Antique Rose Advisor (1) and (2) at

Speaking of exchanging information and plants, you can visit the site of The Garden Doctor at If you think you've got roses, you should check out the list of what's in his garden. He also runs a wish list for people looking for pollen or budwood for roses. Mayhap he could be persuaded to part with budwood from one in his garden; it might be worth a try.

If you'd like some recommendations for roses that do well in shade, check out:

Though Donna is just a "fan" she gardens in California so her recommendations have some validity for us. At the bottom of her page, she offers links to growers, nurseries, other sites. The second site has more extensive tables of types of roses and which ones do well in shade.

As for some of the individual rose growers or nurseries sites, here's a selection (many of which can be reached via the ARS and sites noted above):

Jackson & Perkins

phone: 800-292-4769
In the Garden Store is where you'll find the roses, perennials, bulbs and a multitude of rosy items for gifts. The site has good photos, but the roses are not listed in alphabetical order. You can search for a particular rose.

Star Roses
You can search by name, color or type of rose. Searching by color brings up a list; if you click on the individual name, it will bring up a photo and information on that rose. It's not perfect; a search for yellow brought up a good list, but also garnered Peace, Perfect Moment, and Gingersnap. They offer a few old roses.

Edmunds Roses
phone: 888-481-7673
One of the best sites if you want to see what a rose looks like, it features excellent photos that come up fast. Roses are in alphabetical order. You can search by fragrance, but not by color.

Roses of Yesterday
phone: 831-728-1901
Extensive list of available OGRs. Offers some photos but better descriptions with growth habits and other useful information.

Vintage Roses
They will custom root a rose for you for $19.95. No photos, but you can search by name or by year introduced, and they will provide a description of the rose.

White Rabbit Roses
They have a fairly extensive list of OGRs. Some photos, some better than others.

Regan Nursery
phone: 800-249-4680
No photos, roses are listed alphabetically with the color noted. Looks like they offer an excellent selection of OGRs, so if you simply must have Mme Dore, you can probably find it here.

Carlton Rose  If you'd like to grow the long-stemmed beauties that florists sell, Carlton Rose will sell you the plant. All have photos; some striking looking blooms. Some even have fragrance.

If you still haven't found that special rose you're looking for, you can go to At last this site is up! They will search their worldwide resources of 4,800 roses and find a source for the one you want. The source for the one I want turned out to be Australia (but I can get it much closer to home if I want to pay for custom rooting it). Anyway, it's worth a try if what you want is rare.

And for a strange, eclectic site, but with beautiful photos of roses, visit Nuff said there.

Happy Surfing!



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